Let Me Clear My Throat

So I decided to start a blog with this simple purpose: to reflect on the unglamorous, everyday life of a writer. You know what I'm talking about--writing while raising a family; writing while unpublished; writing while working various jobs that may or may not be related to creating literature.

I know many writers who fit this description, some of them young, some of them older. Many of them are women. Their close friends usually have an idea that they write but it's not their primary identity. If you pry, you'd probably find hundreds of pages of unpublished manuscripts in their homes, pages that contain exquisite prose or perfect poems. They create intricate worlds on their off time, which is few and far between. So when does the girl from the block or the mother next door write? And what, exactly, is on her mind? I hope that this blog will explore that.

The blogosphere is crowded, for sure. There are already great blogs out there on the craft of poetry and fiction, on publishing and marketing your work, on the intersection of writing and academic life. I'm offering a different wrinkle, a glimpse into the juggling of many things. I take the crafting of stories as seriously as I do figuring out how to make ends meet, finding good schools for my kids, and reading dirt on celebrities. It's writing in real life.

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