A Poem


This burning,
this desire.

This feather on a pond
this pond life underneath
this rabbit in a hat
this hot sauce burn on mouth

this salted licorice
this insomnia walk of ghosts
this turning turning

this blue light
this African rock
this love.

This jellyfish.
This doubling doubling egg
this trampoline laughter
these balloon soft skulls

this family SUV
these tires worn thin
these beads on a string
this microscopic language

this you
with morning frost
and midnight moon
and noon lunch

this 24/7 dance-off
this roadburn hurt
this flowering bush
this sweet sour sweet
these toes
and tongue
an ear

your spleen
my bone
our atoms this experiment

this explosion!
this everywhere

that loops and turns
and soars

a kite
in hand

1 comment:

  1. What a great poem. I understand it all too well:) Bravo!