From the File of Nice Rejection Letters

I received a nice rejection letter last week by email. Contents below:

Dear Renee,

We thank you for submitting your story, "Her Own Private Idaho," to Electric Literature, though it was not chosen for publication in our journal.

We are committed to publishing short stories by both new and more established writers, and hope that you will consider sending us your best work in the future.


Electric Literature


Just wanted to let you know that a reader said there was "something really nice about this writing" and described it as "fluid, easy to read."
Thank you for sharing your work with us.


On Wed, Jan 6, 2010 at 12:54 AM, renee simms wrote:

Attached please find my story "Her Own Private Idaho". Thanks for reading my work.

Renee Simms


Something about that personal note at the end, made it easier to accept and sent me back to my rejection letter folder to find the "nice" letters I've received through the years:

Some were just short handwritten notes:

And some were a bit longer:

But each was a nice surprise in a process that can wear on the nerves. Look for pics of more letters in a following post....

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  1. I keep the nice ones too. That one from Tin House is longer than any I've seen, gosh. It still feels like being given the middle finger and being told you're awesome. I feel confused.