Toward 21st Century Rules for Short Story Submissions

I met with a group of fiction writers this weekend and the topic of conversation eventually turned to the task of submitting short stories for publication. No one I know either a) still does this or b) does it and likes it. And it has nothing to do with the fear of rejection. The problem is that the system is woefully outdated. Who in the world has time to fill out a SASE? Who wants to buy postage stamps for godssake? There have been articles written about the death of the SASE and how all literary journals will eventually be online or at least take online submissions. Still, progress in this area is moving slowly.

So here are my lists, based on recent personal experience, of who takes online submissions and who doesn't. I did not include journals that require a mandatory fee. And these lists are for short story subs only:

Journals that have an Online Submission Manager:
42 Opus
Blatimore Review
Boston Review
Columbia: A Journal of Literature & Arts
One Story
The Kenyon Review
Ninth Letter
Our Stories
The Virginia Quarterly Review
Quarterly West
Tin House

Journals that take Email Submissions:
Columbia Review
Colorado Review
Denver Syntax
Literary Mama
The Summerset Review
The New Yorker
Oklahoma Review
Oregon Literary Review
The St. Ann's Review
McSweeny's Quarterly
Fantasy Magazine
Superstition Review

Journals that Only Do Snail Mail (Boo!):
Alaska Quarterly Review
Antioch Review
Arts & Letters
Atlantic Monthly
Brooklyn Review
The Gettysburg Review
Hawai'i Review
The Ledge
Louisiana Review
Southwestern American Literature
Wisconsin review
North American Review
The Sun
Indiana Review
Cimarron Review

Please correct me where I'm wrong and feel free to add to the list. For a more comprehensive list of publications that take electronic submissions go to


  1. Oh, Renee...

    You rock! Thanks so much for this! So many journals I love are in the top two lists...ah, McSweeney's...have you ever let me down?

    What a way to turn your (our) frustration into an amazing resource.