For National Poetry Month

Here's a Ruth Forman poem.....

Perhaps You're A Song

waiting to be whistled
tween some man's lips
perhaps you're a prayer
folded tween his hands
perhaps you're a love poem
waiting to be written

or perhaps you're already written
n wait
for someone to decipher your language

or perhaps you're not waiting
not waiting for anyone at all

perhaps you're already all of these things
a song a whistle a prayer a poem
playing just for the beauty of itself

--Ruth Forman, taken from Voices From Leimert Park (Tsehai 2006)

1 comment:

  1. God: I love me some Ruth Foreman. Every time you share a poem of hers, Renee, I'm different. A little better. I sit up straighter...I put my spine to work. Hope you're good!

    Love you.