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UCLA and Columbia Law School Professor Kimberle Crenshaw will be at Arizona State University on April 8 to present a lecture on race relations titled "Educating All Our Children: A Constitutional Perspective." She appears as part of ASU's Wade Smith Memorial Lecture on Race Relations. Read more about the event here.

I've long admired Crenshaw who works on issues of race and gender equality. She is a founder of the African American Policy Forum a think tank whose purpose is to advance social inclusion by bridging "the gap between scholarly research and public discourse related to inequality, discrimination and injustice." The AAPF created this brilliant visual argument about the need for affirmative action.

Crenshaw's lecture is so timely. Now that we've begun the process of health care reform, let's reform our educational system to make it more equitable.

Speaking of health care reform, Salon has an interesting article about the role that Nancy Pelosi played in getting this legislation passed in the House.

And finally, I came across a review of this book and think I will pick it up. It's Women of Color and Feminism by Maythee Rojas. It's on Seal Press.

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