What I'm Writing

I'm slowly finishing a collection of stories which will be the first manuscript that I've completed and will send out seeking publication. Over the past few months, I've been hunched over my computer for long hours and I can feel it in my back and shoulders. When I'm done with this manuscript, I dream of running every day or doing an activity that involves getting up and moving instead of sitting and typing.

I'm also writing and researching things about my family. My grandmother's 100th birthday is coming up and we're having a big celebration for her in Atlanta in October. I'm trying to find ways to write about her life and incorporate all the historic events that she's witnessed in her time. And a while back, I gave my uncle and aunt a list of questions to answer about their lives. They're the last siblings still living from my mom's family. I will see them on Easter Sunday and want to follow up with that. I don't know what I'm doing yet, I'm just looking for a good narrative.

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