As the Temperature Rises in Arizona...

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....(today it will be 92 degrees)...the collective intelligence of AZ Republicans drops to an all time low. Hence the proposed immigration reform bill which everyone has criticized as unconstitutional, a violation of the 14th Amendment, a violation of notions of federalism, and a law which requires racial profiling in its application. President Obama has instructed the Justice Department to see if the bill would violate civil rights.

Meanwhile, Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon says he will sue the state over the bill. Hundreds of Arizonans marched this weekend in protest. Congressman Raul Grijalva has been vocal in his anger over the bill. Rev. Al Sharpton, who spoke about this very issue in February at a panel on Civil Rights at ASU, says he will return to march in the streets with undocumented workers.

And the response? Refried beans smeared in the shape of a swastika on the state capitol. Cute.

BTW, I heard one report, that I can't confirm, that eighty percent of the calls by Arizonans to Governor Jan Brewer were against the bill, but she signed it anyway.