A Reason to Keep Going

My short story, "Secondhand Objects" was named a 2009 Notable Story by storySouth. The entire list is here. I'm just learning of this prize but the process appears pretty democratic. Journal editors or readers can nominate any story, of at least 1,000 words, that appeared in an online publication for the previous year. Judges then reduce this list to the Notable Stories of 2009. storySouth editor Jason Sanford will reduce the notable stories to ten. Then the public can vote for their favorite and the winner gets a cash prize. The objective of the prize is to showcase good fiction that appears on the web.


  1. Just read your story, 'Secondhand Objects', congratulations, this story deserves recognition. Normally, I'll read the first several paragraphs of a short story, if I'm not hooked in I move on. Without getting 'praisey', I'll just say on a very busy morning, I read all of your story. Its a very good story. Recently, my inventory was sufficiently reduced to 'making deals' with the pawn shop, its fascinating how it works. I like being in pawn shops, and the people who work them are usually equally fascinating. Of course, I always love a story with a good teenage character, suffice to say I really liked this teenager, and loved the parallel stories. Good writing, Renee, really, good writing.

  2. Congratulations, Renee!!!!

    Much deserved. This is an incredible year for you! Please call me sometime...

  3. Thank you Raymond and Want! I wish you were both still in AZ but our virtual community is working, huh?