Getting Through July

My mom, Elaine Marie Richardson, pictured above, died four years ago in July. I thought that I would be better able to deal with her death by now but no such luck. Anyway, I've been reading Kimiko Hahn's The Unbearable Heart which is bringing some relief. Here's one of the poems from that collection:


Since mother's death the ceiling settles
close to the trees, the buds,
a texture of red haze over the hills along the parkway.
Now mist. Now a cloud burst.
Even without sun the cherries lining the river
in one night it seems, blossom.
How they can I do not know.

--copyright 1995 by Kimiko Hahn


  1. Today's my day to comment on your blog, Renee! (Something like 3 posts in 20 minutes?). I love this picture. Thanks for sharing such a deep and important part of yourself...and that poem. Miss you.

    P.S. Nick celebrated his 26th birthday yesterday. His mom died when he was 14, and thinking that she's the woman I should thank for changing my entire life made me sad. I wish she'd been among the birthday well-wishers yesterday. It would have been magic to see her name come up on Nick's ringing phone.

  2. I miss you too, Superhero. 14 is really young to lose your mom. Wish Nick a happy birthday for me.

  3. Awww...will do! Meanwhile, take care, and keep up the writing/blogging! You inspire me all the time to stay with it, to stay tuned in. There is so much good art in the world. And honey: you're makin' it!

  4. Great photo. Have vague memories of Kimiko from when I lived in NYC and actually attending a birthday for her mother...hope you are doing okay--thoughts are with you.xxxooo