Characters on the Light Rail

I like to see what books people are reading on the light rail, but I also like just people-watching. I've seen a couple people recently who have stayed with me and who may end up in something I write one day.

One was this dude, talking to himself, slightly cross-eyed, who had chickenwire wrapped around his head and ears.

There was the kid thrown off the train for not wearing a shirt.

The drunken couple that fell down on the train, made out on the train, then exited on Apache Road near a row of seedy motels.

The mother who rides each day for two stops with her son and daughter; the kids are always dressed in school uniforms.

The man who shouted scientific words, formulas, and science jargon to no one in particular.

1 comment:

  1. That's just what I need... a good make out session on a train...and then fall into a seedy motel... I miss trains.