Summertime Story Looking for Good Home

I've been reading, writing, revising. I've surprised myself with how focused I've become. I have a story that needs a home, but this is not the easiest time to find journals that are looking for new work to publish. I've found a few that are still accepting submissions during this vacation season. The Boston Review, Fence, Oregon Literary Review, Crazyhorse, and Denver Syntax are all still open to submissions. There are many more, I'm sure, especially if you include snail-mail submissions or journals like Glimmertrain that require a reading or contest fee. But the going is tough.

I write the most in June and July, but I will probably be waiting until fall to send out what I write.

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  1. Ahhh...inspiring. Both post and image...I read your blog as a reminder to be diligent...though I obviously need to be more so. Am reading now...but hope to start something, something soon...