Inspirational Shorts

*Buddhafun has a great post on the life of historian and ethnic studies pioneer Ronald Takaki.

*Tayari Jones is doing profiles of authors with first books being published this year. Her third profile, of novelist Marie Mutsuki Mockett, gives hope to those of us writing in mid-life.

*Friend and writer Rae Paris had her story, "The Girl Who Ate Her Own Skin," selected as recommended reading in the prestigious PEN/O.Henry Prize Stories 2009. The story was published in the Indiana Review. Bravo Rae!

*Marilynne Robinson won the Orange Prize for fiction for her novel Home. Agence France Presse reports that when "asked about the value of a woman-only prize, the author said it could act as 'a corrective to a tendency to treat books written by men more seriously than books written by women'."

*Stumbled across this blog, Color Online, which describes itself as "a community committed to the promotion, empowerment, and political awakening of young women. It is our mission to cultivate self-development through literary study, educational programs, cultural events, and community service." Color Online is doing great work and has a great blog. Please check them out and support.


  1. Go Rae! I can't wait to read her story.

    And of coourse, Renee: I've been terribly behind on your blog, and for that I apologize. I saw Caitlin's name on the O.Henry list, along with the story, "Tell Him About Brother John," which is in the collection I recommended to you, "The Faith Healer of Olive Avenue." Still think you'd enjoy it. Am back to John McManus. His writing makes my heart race. Can't put it down.

    Meanwhile, I was so touched to look back at the entries I'd missed, and saw myself identified as a "punk novelist." I like the sound of that!

    If only I were writing. :(

    I'm so proud of you for all the writing that you've done. And I want a copy of the story you just finished a draft of! The excerpt you posted had me on the edge of our dirty futon here in Chi-Town.

    Miss you so very much...

  2. Thanks Want. I hope Chicago is treating you right.