First Thoughts on Michael Jackson's Passing

I am glad that Michael, first crush, is gone. It was difficult to watch his pain, a pain so deep it caused addictions and self-mutilation. I'm wondering if we expect too much of artists. We're okay with their deep sense of empathy when they can express the sublime, but we mock them when they express the ugliness of the world, when they themselves do ugly things. I'm thinking that there's a lot of pain in life. I'm thinking how music reaffirms what's good.

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  1. Agreed, sweetie...

    It's true. I love music but this world has a way of using up a person's art, taking what it wants, and turning the artist into something else.

    There are tons of bands and musicians I love, and I want to say they are talented enough to do something lasting. But the most I can say about my favorites are that they changed me~ can't speak yet for the world.

    But Michael...what an artist, and what a world.

    Rest in Peace.